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Welcome to SAFMQ

SAFMQ 0.8.3 Release!

Version 0.8.3 of SAFMQ introduces two new core features, Temporary Queues and Statistics. Temporary Queues allow a client to create a private receiving queue, that can be used to receive response messages from services, see the API Docs for details. Also, statistics on the I/O for an individual queue or for the entire server can now be queried.

Memory Leak in v0.8.x Fix

Version fixes an issue with Version 0.8 and These versions introduced a memory leak caused by the new command architecture implemented in an effort to work towards multiple sessions per TCP/IP connection. 

Zero Byte Message Body Fix

Versions,,,,,,,, fix issue created by fix for inaccessible messages after restart (purge/restart/msg not... found). This issue caused messages with zero (0) byte message bodies to clog the message queue, and cause all subsequent retrieves from the queue to fail.

SAFMQ 0.8 Release

Version 0.8 features a much improved Windows installer, that allows the user to specify the service account during the install process.  The windows build process has also been streamlined.  PHP how has support for X.509 SAFMQ identity management.  Java/JMS clients using SSL now see more reliable connection performance.  FreeBSD 6.1 has been added to the list of supported operating systems, bring the total tested environments to FreeBSD 6.1, Fedora Core 1-9, Cygwin, Win32.  Java, .NET and C++ interfaces all have automated unit tests and pass with flying colors on all operating systems.

SAFMQ,,,,,,, Bug Fix

A serious error was reported in all versions of SAFMQ.  This bug occurred if a message data file (in the SAFMQ queues directory) contained more than one message and if a message was received from the file, purging it from the queue, and SAFMQ was stopped before the other messages were received from the queue.  If these conditions occurred, the next message after that message could be lost and not recovered when SAFMQ is restarted.

SAFMQ 0.7.1 Bug Fix Released

Version 0.7.1 has been released.  This version fixes various issues with Visual Studio C++ 2005.  Additionally, Visual Studio 2005 projects and solutions have been added to the distribution as well as a documentation update relating to compiling SAFMQ clients.

SAFMQ 0.7 Released

SAFMQ users can expect large performance improvements. Release 0.7 has been tested and shown to deliver more than 12,000 messages per second throughput, when operating on a 3.4 GHz Pentium 4 (in Hyper-Threading mode) with an Adaptec SATA RAID-5 disk system. This is up from approximately 7,000 messages per second using version 0.6. You'll also see that this release folds in changes from 0.6.2 which made 64-bit Linux installations compatible, and the PHP interface has been folded into the main source branch.

PHP API for SAFMQ 0.6 Released

After a long wait, the PHP API for SAFMQ 0.6 is now available. This version currently compliant with PHP version 5.x is available for download from:

SAFMQ 0.6 Released

Version 0.6 of SAFMQ was released on November 1st, 2007, and is available for download from This latest version includes:

  • .NET native client library
  • Java JMS 1.0/1.1 compliant API interface
  • SSL/X.509 Client Authentication (passwordless authentication)
  • Improved server file performance
  • A Windows Management Console interface
    • Manage multiple servers
    • Use GUI to configure local servers
  • Binary distribution for Windows with a Windows Setup 2.0 install package
  • Updates to the SAFMQ Java Manager to manage X.509 identities

Documentation for both Java and C++ interfaces has been updated. For .NET documentation download and install the Windows MSI package.

Transactions have been added to SAFMQ

SAFMQ, version 0.5, was released Wednesday, April 12, 2006.  This new version features user transactions.  This new feature, available via the MQConnection class, allows SAFMQ clients to begin a transaction, then enqueue and retrieve messages from multiple queues, then either roll-back (undo) the operations, or commit them.  Transactions allow SAFMQ clients to "check-out" a message from a queue, then if processing could not occur, release it back to the queue for others to evaluate, or finalize the reception of the message and remove it from the queue.

Open Source Message Queuing now available!

SAFMQ, one of the first Open Source message queue server, provides high performance message queuing free to the public.  No instead of relying on products like IBM MQSeries or Microsoft Message Queue, and the costs involved in deploying them, SAFMQ is available. 

Use SAFMQ in your Java applications

SAFMQ provides an API to use SAFMQ directly.  Simply use the SAFMQ MQBuilder class to specify the location of your SAMFQ server and you're ready to start publishing and subscribing to priority message queues!


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