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SAFMQ provides the ability to securely log into the SAFMQ server with out specifying a user id or password. This feature is only available when utilizing SAFMQ over SSL (safmqs), and assigning an X509 identity to a user account in the SAFMQ server instance. Items needed to perform this task are as follows: To successfully use passwordless authentication, perform the following steps:
  1. Obtain a valid X509 certificate.
  2. Assign an X509 identity to a valid user account using the MQConnection::AddUserIdentity() method, or the SAFMQ manager Java GUI, specifying the Subject and Issuer distinguished names from the certificate listed above.
  3. Establish an SSLContext object specifying the Private Key and X509 Digital Certificate from above.
  4. Utilize the SSLContext object to build an MQConnection or MessageQueue object using the MQFactory class.

Notes on password authentication:

Example using safmqc to perform passwordless authentication

safmqc --key=myCert.pem --cert=myKey.pem --enumeratequeues safmqs://:@localhost

Notes about the passwordless URL and safmqc:

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