safmqc Usage

safmqc usage:

safmq [options]  
        --help,-h           : Displays this screen
        --user=login        : Sets the login user to 'login'
        --passwd=passwd     : Sets the login passwd to 'passwd'
        --body              : Flags safmq to retrieve the message body
        --timeout=seconds   : Sets the timeout to 'seconds' -1 for infinite
        --ttl=seconds       : Sets the message time to live to 'seconds'
        --ttlerr            : Flags ttl errors to be returned on 'response'
        --label=lbl         : Sets the message label to 'lbl'
        --rq=response       : Sets the response queue to 'response'
        --rid=id            : Sets the recipt id to 'id'
        --priority=num      : Sets the priority to 'num' in [05]
        --key=filepem      : Sets 'filepem' as private key pem file
        --cert=filepem     : Sets 'filepem' as certificate pem file

        --enqueue URL           : Enqueues a message
        --retrieve URL          : Retrieves a message
        --retrieveid URL ID     : Retrieves a message by ID
        --peekfront URL         : Peeks the first message
        --peekid URL ID         : Peeks a message reffered by ID
        --peekoffset URL OFFSET : Peeks a message OFFSET from front

        --enumeratequeues URL : Lists all queues
        --enumerateusers URL  : Lists all users
        --enumerategroups URL : Lists all groups

   User Management Commands:
        --createuser URL USERNAME passwd DESCRIPTION
        --deleteuser URL USERNAME
        --usersetpermissions URL USERNAME [users] [groups] [queues]
        --usergetpermissions URL USERNAME
        --setpassword URL USERNAME passwd
        --usergetgroups URL USERNAME

   Group Management Commands:
        --creategroup URL GROUPNAME
        --deletegroup URL GROUPANME
        --groupsetpermissions URL GROUPNAME [users] [groups] [queues]
        --groupgetpermissions URL GROUPNAME
        --groupadduser URL GROUPNAME USERNAME
        --groupdeleteuser URL GROUPNAME USERNAME
        --groupgetusers URL GROUPNAME

   Queue Management Commands:
        --createqueue URL QUEUENAME
        --deletequeue URL QUEUENAME
        --queuesetuserpermission URL QUEUENAME USERNAME [read] [write] [destroy] [change]
        --queuedeleteuserpermission URL QUEUENAME USERNAME
        --queuesetgrouppermission URL QUEUENAME GROUPNAME [read] [write] [destroy] [change]
        --queuedeletegrouppermission URL QUEUENAME GROUPNAME
        --queueenumeratepermissions URL QUEUENAME

URL Format:  safmq:user:passwd@host:port/queue
             safmqs:user:passwd@host:port/queue -- For SSL Connections

Note: queue, port, user and passwd are optional, if not supplied
      defaults will be used and the User name will be gathered
      from the system

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