namespace tcpsocket

A namespace containing classes to work with TCP socket communications

Child Classes

A namespace containing classes to work with TCP socket communications


class BufferedSocket: public Socket
This class provides a buffered interface to TCP socket operations.
class CertificateAuthority
Used to specify information about trusted certificate lists (CA files)
class PrivateKey
Class to manage private key values
class SSLContext
Establishes a context for establishing and serving Secure Sockets Layer communications.
class SSLServerSocket: protected SSLSocket
Implements a Secure Sockets Layer server socket
class SSLSocket: public Socket
Implements a Secure Sockets Layer socket connection
class SSLSocketException: public SocketException
An exception thrown by the SSLSocket class.
class ServerSocket: protected Socket
A class which implements a TCP server socket
class Socket
A class for working with TCP sockets.
class SocketException: public std::exception
An exception thrown incase of an error occuring in a class derived from tcpsocket::Socket
class X509Certificate
Represents an X509 Certificate object.
template<class _E, class _Tr = std::char_traits<_E> > class basic_socstream: public std::basic_iostream<_E, _Tr>
Drop in replacement for a basic_iostream.
template<class _E, class _Tr = std::char_traits<_E> > class basic_socstreambuf: public std::basic_streambuf<_E, _Tr>
Drop in replacement for basic_streambuf.


BufferedSocket& endl(BufferedSocket* s) throw(SocketException)
Writes a newline character to the buffered socket
BufferedSocket& flush(BufferedSocket* s) throw(SocketException)
Flushes the buffered socket's buffer

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